Creating A Song

Create your own piece of music from scratch following these simple steps:

  1. Create a new project
    Open the MediaBay. Choose Projects and tap one of the empty project templates.
  2. Add drum loops
    Select the MIDI or Audio category in the MediaBay. Hit the Preview button to listen to a loop. Drag and drop a loop onto a track or double tap it to place it on a new track.
  3. Adjust the tempo
    The tempo display at the top allows for tempo and signature modifications.
  4. Load instruments
    Select a MIDI track. To create a new one, tap the + MIDI button. Tap the instrument icon and tap an instrument in the MediaBay list to load it.
  5. Record instruments
    Tap the Keys button. You can switch between the keyboard and drum pads. Hit the Record button, wait for the counter to show 1.1.1 and start playing. Make sure your current track has recording enabled. To stop recording, hit the Record or Play button.
  6. If you have made a mistake, open the Tools panel and hit the Undo button.
  7. Add audio
    Tap the + Audio button to create a new audio track.
    • Record on it using your microphone.
    • As with the MIDI track, Audio files from the MediaBay can be imported into the track.
  8. Different recording methods
    Drag the playhead to where you want to start recording. Activate the cycle button to play or record in a loop.
  9. Track Inspector
    Open the Inspector for advanced options:
  10. Events
    The notes and waveforms you have created are arranged within events. You can move them around, fade them in or out, edit them by double tapping and much more.
  11. Mix your song
    The Mixer manages all your tracks' volume and pan, effects and other parameters. Each channel in the Mixer represents one track.
  12. Mixdown
    Cubasis saves your work automatically, so all there is left to do is export your finished project. Open the MediaBay and select the Mixdown category . Choose your desired file type; your project will appear in the file list after mixdown is completed.
  13. Share your work
    Tap the Share button and choose your preferred method.