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HALion Player [OEM] Update

July 23rd 2007

This is a hotfix version and updates HALion Player [OEM] to version We recommend to install this update on top of an already installed HALion Player [OEM] 3.3.0 version.

Please note: This version requires Mac OS X 10.4.x or Mac OS X 10.5.x!

Please note: Since they don't pass the whole test process so called hotfixes that address specific bugs can be provided in short term. Due to this reason technical support cannot be granted for hotfixes. Therefore it is recommended that you only install this update when your work with HALion Player [OEM] 3.3 (which is the current fully tested version) is limited by program errors that are fixed in the hotfix.

HALion Player [OEM] Update

April 26th 2007

Mac OS X users please note:

Now supports Intel-based Macintosh computers! To install version 3.3 there are two options (we recommend #1):

  • #1 Install HALion Player from original DVD as usual and run the 3.3 web updater afterwards.
  • #2 Run the Web Updater application and afterwards copy the HSB files from your original DVD to harddisk and locate the content files manually (Options page -> locate content).

Please note: This version requires Mac OS X 10.4.x or Mac OS X 10.5.x!

PC Windows users please note:

Requires an already installed HALion Player [OEM] version on your computer!

For support requests please contact the respective OEM partner.