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May 20th 2009

The update available here is a full installer. It can be used on both Mac OS X and Windows to install HALion 3 for the first time. Please note that you will have to install the content manually afterwards if the installer does not automatically transfer it. To do so copy the content HSB files from the installation disc to your harddrive. Then open HALion 3 and locate the HSB files on the Browser page via right-clicking on "HALion Content" and then "Locate HALion Content...".

Mac OS X users please note:

On Mac OS X 10.6 please use this update for the installation of HALion 3. Please do not use the installer of the installation disc. Afterwards you need to install the content manually as described above.

PC Windows users please note:

This update provides 64 Bit support for Windows Vista 64 Bit and Windows 7 64 Bit. It can be used natively in 64 bit sequencers like Cubase 5 or Cubase Studio 5 in order to make use of the enhanced memory address space.

For information on further improvements and installation notes please refer to the document "What's new in HALion 3.5".
Important compatibility notes:

Projects created with HALion 3.5 cannot be loaded by prior versions. But of course HALion 3.5 can load projects that have been created with older versions.

Mac OS X


Mac OS X 10.4 · Mac OS X 10.5 · Mac OS X 10.6 Windows XP · Windows Vista · Windows 7
HALion 3.5.593 Update - 32-bit - 44 MB
Version History - PDF
HALion 3.5.593 Update - 32-Bit - 19 MB
HALion 3.5.593 Update - 64-Bit - 19 MB
Version History - PDF

HALion 3 Factory Sound Set 5

This bank features 128 new programs with electronic instruments and drumsounds and can be used with HALion 3.3.1 or later.

Download Halion 3 Factory Sound Set 5 - 22,6 MB

Installation notes:

Copy the downloaded Halion 3 Factory Sound Set 5 ("HALion 3 Sound Set 5.hsb") into the directory in which you've stored the standard soundbanks. HALion will recognize the new Bank as soon as you've reassigned the location by using the "Locate Content" function in the Browser.

HALion 3 ISO Image

The installer on this ISO image allows for a new installation. A valid license is required to run the software.
After the installation has been completed, please also install the latest update. 

HALion 3 ISO Image · Mac OS X & Windows · 4.5 GB 

Use any common burning software to create an installation DVD from the ISO image. On Mac OS X and Windows 8, ISO images can be opened as virtual drives directly by double-click. To be able to do so on older Windows releases, you need for instance "WinCDEmu".

HALion 3 Documentation