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Resale Wizard for Steinberg Software

Please select the copy protection method of the registered Steinberg product:


The USB-eLicenser is an USB based copy protection device (dongle) on which program licenses are stored.

A Soft-eLicenser is a virtual license container on the hard disk. Progams that store their licenses in a Soft-eLicenser are, for example, Cubase AI, Cubase LE, Cubase Elements, WaveLab Essential and WaveLab Elements.
Copy protection scheme of legacy Steinberg product

Before the introduction of USB-eLicenser and Soft-eLicenser Steinberg programs were protected from illegal copying in different ways: Parallel port resp. line printer dongles (Cubase VST, Nuendo 1 PC), iLok dongles (Nuendo 1 Mac), copy protected CD-R, serial numbers and installation codes.