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CUBASE AI 12 / CUBASE LE 12 Downloads

Download faster, more convenient and more reliably using the STEINBERG DOWNLOAD ASSISTANT.

⚠️ Requirements for installations without Steinberg Download Assistant

Before installing any of the Cubase 12 components below, the following utilities must be installed resp. updated:

Steinberg Activation Manager⬇ macOS⬇ Windows
Steinberg Library Manager⬇ macOS⬇ Windows

If they are missing or not up-to-date, the installation without the Steinberg Download Assistant will fail.

Installation of content resp. Content Sets

  • Download the desired content resp. Content Set. 
  • Cubase content generally consists of vstsound files. Content containing multiple vstsound files is being provided as an ISO disk image. ISO disk images can be easily mounted as virtual volumes by double-click.
  • Double-click on one of the downloaded vstsound files.
  • The Steinberg Library Manager will be started automatically and offers the installation of all vstsound files in the same folder.
  • When downloading several content titles, it is good practice to move all vstsound files to the same folder first. In this way all vstsound files can be installed by a single double-click.
    Read more on content installation...

CUBASE AI 12 / LE 12 Downloads

initially released on March 2, 2022
general information: Read Me (PDF)

11 · 12 · 13

Intel-based & Apple silicon

Windows 10 64-Bit Version 21H2 and newer
Windows 11 64-Bit Version 21H2 and newer

Cubase AI 12.0.52 / Cubase LE 12.0.52
updated on December 1, 2022 · Release Notes
Application 492/468 MB ⬇ macOS⬇ Windows
HALion Sonic SE 3.5.10
Version History (PDF)
Instrument 834/743 MB ⬇ macOS⬇ Windows
HALion Sonic SE 3 Content 1.5 GB ⬇ macOS/Windows
Groove Agent SE 5.1.10
updated on May 19, 2022 · Version History (PDF)
Instrument258/171 MB⬇ macOS⬇ Windows
Groove Agent SE 5 Content 6.2 GB ⬇ macOS/Windows
Analog Techno Content Set 869 MB ⬇ macOS/Windows
Blockbuster Content Set 1.6 GB ⬇ macOS/Windows
Drum Loop Expansion Content Set 449 MB ⬇ macOS/Windows
Hip Hop Vault Content Set 712 MB ⬇ macOS/Windows
Mystic Spaces Content Set 323 MB ⬇ macOS/Windows
Raw Ambience Content Set 3.2 GB ⬇ macOS/Windows
Soul Assembly Content Set 803 MB ⬇ macOS/Windows


The online help and PDF manuals are available on


In general, we recommend downloading via the Steinberg Download Assistant and always using the latest program version.

In exceptional cases, it can be useful to install an older version. For this purpose, previous installers can be downloaded using the links below. These files are not available in the Steinberg Download Assistant anymore.

The installers can be used to install Cubase from scratch or to update older existing Cubase AI 12 / Cubase LE 12 installations.

However, please note that we can provide support for the latest release only.  

Information on every single update can be found in the Release Notes.

VersionDownloadsmax. Size
Cubase AI 12.0.50 / Cubase LE 12.0.50⬇ macOS⬇ Windows492/468 MB
Cubase AI 12.0.40 / Cubase LE 12.0.40⬇ macOS⬇ Windows491/467 MB
Cubase AI 12.0.30 / Cubase LE 12.0.30⬇ macOS⬇ Windows491/467 MB
Cubase AI 12.0.20 / Cubase LE 12.0.20⬇ macOS⬇ Windows491/467 MB
Cubase AI 12.0.10 / Cubase LE 12.0.10⬇ macOS⬇ Windows491/467 MB
Cubase AI 12.0 / Cubase LE 12.0⬇ macOS⬇ Windows486/463 MB