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Demo Projects for Cubase and Nuendo

On this page, you can find a collection of demo projects that have been created with the listed program versions. The projects demonstrate a part of the things you can do with Cubase resp. Nuendo. Furthermore, they also can be a source of inspiration for more experienced users.

Please understand that we cannot provide support related to demo projects.

Cubase VersionDemo ProjectSize
Cubase Pro 9.5Untitled220 MB
Cubase Pro 8Eight Good Reasons152 MB
Cubase Artist 8Eight Good Reasons152 MB
Cubase 7
Cubase Artist 7
Lucky 7
Put the 5 on it
Live Forever
142 MB
228 MB
110 MB
413 MB
Cubase Elements 7Lucky 7
Live Forever
150 MB
409 MB
Cubase AI 7
Cubase LE 7
Live Forever 307 MB
Cubase 6.5Teleporter41 MB
NUENDO Version Demo ProjectSIZE
Nuendo 8Fractured4.3 GB
Nuendo 5.5Changes838 MB

Project Compatibility

Generally, the demo projects should be used with the corresponding program versions.

However, in many cases, the projects can be loaded by other program versions as well, even older ones. If required, simply try. In case a specific feature used within a project is not available in the used Cubase resp. Nuendo version, it simply will be ignored when the project is being loaded. Some missing functions might cause a warning message. But it is quite likely that the project can be used anyway.