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The MR816 Models

Designed especially for Cubase by Steinberg and Yamaha, the MR816 CSX and the MR816 X represent a new generation of solutions for musicians and producers. Together with Cubase, the MR816 CSX and MR816 X FireWire interfaces provide an all-round system solution.


First-Class Advanced Integration DSP Studio

Functioning far beyond the envelope of traditional audio devices, MR816 CSX fuses a full-featured FireWire interface and inbuilt DSP FX power with next-generation integrative technologies into one breathtakingly powerful production environment. Developed by Steinberg and Yamaha, this Advanced Integration DSP Studio is the hardware centerpiece of a latency-free recording and monitoring environment that fully exploits the flexibility and power of Steinberg's renowned Cubase music production system.

MR816 X

Advanced Integration DSP Studio

Featuring the same Advanced Integration with Cubase, outstanding I/O capabilities and first-class sound quality as MR816 CSX, the MR816 X offers a full-featured FireWire interface and inbuilt DSP-powered REV-X that combines with Steinberg’s renowned Cubase music production system to form a latency-free recording and monitoring environment.

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